What is Collidoscope?

Collidoscope Berlin (and beyond) is a democratic and inclusive view of the many peoples, spaces, and settings that constitute the modern city. Through the lens of migration – the movement and coming together of people – we believe that we can understand more about what makes ‘us’ who we are on an individual, local, and global scale. Cities, as a reflection of ‘the we’, are a good place to start.

Spaces & Places

Dong Xuan Center Berlin, Vietnamese

Urban pockets of opportunity for democratic, inclusive, and diverse ways of life in Berlin and beyond.

Local Stories

Portraits of and interviews with the many diverse individuals that constitute and help create the modern city.

Policy & Practice

Reviews, rants, and raves on initiatives and organizations involved in immigrant integration and diversity.

Our Lens

Our experiences and how these inform our understanding of multiculturalism, inclusion, and the city.

Our Latest Article

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